"You are part of the chain." -Joel Hamilton




Men's 6.5 Converse "Chuck Taylor" model All Star shoes
in black or monochrome finish



Akai DM-11
vintage cardioid dynamic (sixties) x3

multi-pattern condenser x2

multi-pattern condenser w/C12 capsule (silver, vintage)

cardioid condenser (eighties)

cardioid condenser x2 (eighties)

AKG C452
omnidirectional condenser (eighties)

AKG D99 C "Harry"
dynamic binaural "head"

vintage cardioid dynamic (seventies)

AKG D112
hypercardioid dynamic x2

Altec 633A
vintage omnidirectional dynamic (sixties)

Altec M11 "Coke Bottle"
vintage tube condenser with 150 base,
omnidirectional capsule,
and P518A PSU (1949) x2

Altec M20 "Lipstick"
vintage tube condenser with 165A base,
21d omnidirectional capsule,
and 525A PSU (sixties)

Altec M49
vintage condenser w/195A base,
29B cardioid capsule,
and 539A PSU (sixties)

Ampex 1101
vintage cardioid dynamic (seventies)

Audio Technica AT4047
cardioid condenser x2

Audio Technica AT4050/CM5
multi-pattern condenser x3

Audio Technica AT4051
condenser w/cardioid capsule x2

Audio Technica ATM450
cardioid condenser x4

Avenson Audio (Stapes) STO-2
omnidirectional condenser x2

Beyerdynamic M88TG
hypercardioid dynamic x3

Beyerdynamic M160
hypercardioid ribbon x2

Beyerdynamic M101N(C)
omnidirectional dynamic

Beyerdynamic M201TG
cardioid dynamic x2

Beyerdynamic M380N(C)
bidirectional dynamic (gold version)

Beyerdynamic M500
cardioid ribbon (Classic Edition)

Beyerdynamic TGX50
hypercardioid dynamic

Coles 4038
bidirectional ribbon x2 (factory matched pair)

Crown GLM100
omnidirectional lavalier condenser x2

Hi-Z ceramic x2

Electro Voice EV635A
omnidirectional dynamic x2

Electro Voice EV666
vintage cardioid dynamic (sixties)

Electro Voice RE-15
vintage cardioid dynamic

Electro Voice RE-20
vintage cardioid dynamic

Fisher Price 3805
vintage karaoke machine (1984)

Scott Helmke Custom "Crazy-Ass Bottle Mic"
cardioid condenser
w/custom Altoids box PSU

Scott Helmke Custom "Alien Probe Thing"
omnidirectional condenser
w/custom Altoids box PSU

Lawson Tube/FET Microphone Combo
multi-pattern tube and cardioid solid state condenser output bodies w/L47 and L251 capsules

Lomo KMD/19A-9
vintage cardioid tube condenser (1961)

Lomo 19A-10
vintage multi-pattern tube condenser

Lomo KMC-9/19A-13
vintage cardioid tube condenser (1965)

Lomo 19A-18
vintage cardioid tube condenser (1975) x2

wide cardioid condenser (green version)

Neumann KM184
cardioid condenser x2

Neumann-Gefell CMV563
vintage tube condenser (M7 cardioid capsules) (sixties) x2

Neumann U87
multi-pattern condenser (seventies)

Oktava MK13M prototype
multi-pattern tube condenser (1979)

Oktava MC/MK012
condenser w/cardioid capsules x9,
omni capsule x3,
hypercardioid capsule x3,
(6 capsules are matched

Oktava ML52-02
bidirectional ribbon x2

omnidirectional dynamic (sixties)

cardioid ribbon (sixties)

Royer Labs R-121
bidirectional ribbon

Sennheiser e602
cardioid dynamic x2

Sennheiser e609
cardioid dynamic (silver)

Sennheiser MD 504
hypercardioid dynamic x3

Sennheiser MD 409
cardioid dynamic

Sennheiser MD 421
cardioid dynamic x2

Sennheiser MD 421ii
cardioid dynamic x2

Sennheiser MD 431
hypercardioid dynamic

Sennheiser MD 441 U3

hypercardioid dynamic (black version)

Shure KSM141
multi-pattern condenser x2

Shure SM48
cardioid dynamic

Shure SM56
cardioid switchable-impedence dynamic

Shure SM57
cardioid dynamic x4

Shure SM58
cardioid dynamic x2

Shure SM77
cardioid dynamic

Shure SM98
hypercardioid condenser

Sony C-37FET
vintage multi-pattern FET condenser (seventies)

SRM Entertainment Power Gear Voice Changer
megaphone (translucent blue version)

U.S. Army Signal Corp M44A/U
cardioid dynamic


Amek Angela console alkback mic

API 312 (Averill racked)
mic preamp (vintage) x2

API 512C
mic preamp/DI x2

API 550A
vintage semi-parametric EQ (1974) x2

API 560B
graphic EQ x2

Audio Technica AT8681 UniMix
2x1 Mic-Level Mixer x3

Avalon U5
Active DI/instrument preamp x2

Avenson Small DI
Active DI x2

Awesome Transistor Amplifier Company (AwTAC) "Awesome"
mic preamp/line amp/DI/EQ/mixer x4

Brooke Siren Systems AR-133
Active DI x2

Buzz Audio Elixir
mic preamp/DI x2

Cloud Microphones CL-1 Cloudlifter
microphone activator

Daking 52270
mic preamp/EQ (original version) x2

Intersound IVP
preamp and semi-parametric EQ

Inward Connections EQ-2
stereo parametric EQ

Langevin AM-16
vintage mic preamp (sixties) x2

Little Labs IBP Jr.
phase alignment unit

Little Labs STD
signal transmission device

Lomo Tube Mic Preamp

vintage 2x1 tube mic preamp and HF shelving EQ (seventies)

Neve 1272
vintage mic preamp/DI (Averill racked pair) (six channels)

Neve 3126
vintage mic preamp and EQ (seventies) x2

Presonus M-80
eight-channel mic preamp/mixer

vintage tube mic preamp (fifties) x2

Siemens/Telefunken V72
vintage tube mic preamp (sixties) (racked by Oliver Archut) x2

Sontec MEP-250EX
stereo parametric EQ x2

Sphere 900
vintage graphic EQ (seventies) x6

Sytek MPX-4Aii
quad mic preamp
(four channels of Burr Brown modifications)

Whirlwind Music/Direct One IMP
vintage switchable-impedence DI (seventies)



Audio & Design Recording F760X-RS Compex
vintage FET stereo dynamics processor (seventies)

Altec 436C
vintage variable-MU tube limiter (sixties)

Aphex 612
frequency-dependent stereo expander/gate x3

stereo vactrol compressor

Audion PS 3010
stereo compressor x2

dbx 161 "VU"
vintage VCA compressor (sixties)

dbx 263X
de-esser x2

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
digitally-controlled analog VCA compressor x4

Federal Television Corporation/U.S. Army Signal Corps AM-864/U
vintage variable-MU tube limiter (sixties) x3

FMR Audio RNC 1773

stereo compressor x2

GML (George Massenburg Labs) 8900 Series III
dual VCA limiter

Manley Variable MU Stereo Limiter/Compressor
dual variable-MU tube limiter (1998)

MXR Model 136
dual VCA limiter

Neve 3310
vintage FET limiter (seventies) x2

Old House Custom GyRaf SSL Buss Compressor clone
stereo VCA limiter

Purple Audio MC-76
FET limiter(1998)

Shure M62V Level Loc
vintage mic-level podium limiter (seventies)

Urei LA22
frequency-dependent stereo VCA compressor/expander


Rack Gear

Deltalab ADM 465
digital delay

Deltalab ADM 1024 Effectron II
digital delay x2

Deltalab ADM 1030 Effectron III
digital delay x2

Dynacord DPR-15
digital stereo reverb + effects

Eventide H3000 D/SX
digital stereo multi-effects

Klark Teknik DN 780
digital reverb x2

Lexicon Model 200
vintage stereo digital reverb (eighties)

Lexicon MPX1
digital stereo multi-effects

Lexicon PCM60
vintage digital reverb (eighties)

Orban 245F
mono-to-stereo synthesizer

Sony DPS-R7
digital stereo reverb + effects x2

TC Electronic D-Two
stereo digital delay x2

TC Electronic Intonator
pitch corrector

Yamaha SPX-90II
vintage digital multi-effects (eighties)



Bowers & Wilkins Matrix 805
passive speakers
(with B&W bass alignment filter)

Juster 95A
active multimedia speakers

Wharfedale Diamond 7.2
passive speakers

Yamaha NS-10M
passive speakers

Bryston 4B-NPB
power amplifier

Hafler Trans-Nova P3000
power amplifier

SESCom Phase Meter



Akai X-150D "Custom Deck"
1/4" tape recorder

Alesis ML-9600 Masterlink v2.18
high-resolution hard disk recorder x2

iZ Technology RADAR 24 Nyquist v3.39

high-resolution 24-track hard disk recorder

Sony TCS-580V

stereo cassette recorder



Noble & Cooley CD Maple custom drumkit
in Blackwash finish
17x20, 9x10, 9x12, 14x14

Noble & Cooley CD Maple drumkit
in blue metallic finish
16x20, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14

Noble & Cooley Studio Classic drumkit
in clear gloss finish
18x22, 10x10, 10x12, 12x14

Vintage Gretsch drumkit
in Aqua Satin Flame finish (1966 "round badge")
14x20, 8x12, 16x16

Vintage Gretsch/Slingerland drumkit
in "antique" finish
14x18 Slingerland (1965), 8x12, 14x14 Gretsch toms (mid sixties "round badge")

Yamaha Recording Custom drumkit
in black gloss finish
14x22, 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14

5x10 Ayotte custom maple snare
in purple finish

4.5x14 Gretsch Max Roach Progressive Jazz Model snare
in Aqua Satin Flame finish (late sixties)

5x14 Noble & Cooley Studio Classic maple snare
in clear gloss finish

5x14 Gretsch wood snare
in Aqua Satin Flame finish (1966)

5x14 Kent Uni-Lug solid wood snare
in cherry mahogany finish (mid sixties)

5x14 Ludwig Acrolyte snare
(early eighties)

6.5x12 Noble & Cooley HP (Horizontal Ply) snare
in natural maple finish

7x14 Noble & Cooley Custom SS (Solid Shell) maple snare
in black gloss finish

6x13 Pork Pie Custom maple snare (tube lugs and custom strainer) x2
one in yellow maple finish, one in faded purple/honey brown finish w/brass tube lugs

7x13 Pork Pie Patina brass snare (tube lugs)

6x14 Pork Pie Pork Lite clear acrylic snare

5.5x14 Rogers Powertone chrome-over-brass snare

6.5x14 custom built wood snare
(fifties Slingerland shell and Ludwig parts)

6.5x14 Slingerland wood snare

12x15 Slingerland wood marching snare
in silver sparkle finish (sixties)

6.5x14 Tama Swingstar chrome snare

5.5x14 Yamaha Recording Custom birch snare

9x26 Slingerland marching bass drum
in white finish with red trim (fifties)

10x28 Gretsch concert bass drum
in walnut finish (fifties)

Tama medium octoban x2

Most toms have Purecussion RIMS mounts and primarily Yamaha pedals and hardware



Hammerax Splashvine

4" Paiste 2002 accent cymbal

6" toy splash/bell cymbal x2

7" Meinl Byzance splash

8" Paiste 2002 accent cymbal

8" Paiste 2002 bell cymbal

8" Paiste Sound Formula splash

9" Paiste Roto Sound

10" Paiste Formula 602 Prototype splash
(blue label)

10" Paiste Sound Formula Reflector splash

13" Paiste Formula 602 Sound Edge hi hats
(blue label)

13" Paiste Formula 602 medium hi hats

(blue label)

13" Paiste Formula 602 heavy hi hats
(blue label)

14" vintage Kent/no name hi hats

14" Paiste 505 medium hi hats

14" Paiste 404/Camber bottom hi hats

14" Paiste Giant Beat hi hats

14" Paiste Twenty hi hats

14" Wuhan china cymbal

15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge hi hats
(black label, 1977)

16" Paiste Formula 602 thin crash
(blue label)

16" Paiste Signature fast crash

16" Paiste Sound Creation dark crash

16" Paiste Traditional extra thin crash

16" Wuhan china cymbal

17" Paiste Signature fast crash

18" Avanti thin crash

18" Hammerax Boomywang Hybrid Extra Thin

18" Paiste Formula 602 thin crash
(blue label)

18" Paiste Formula 602 medium
(blue label)

18" Paiste Formula 602 thin crash
(black/red label reissue)

18" Paiste Giant Beat

18" Paiste Signature fast crash

18" Paiste Signature Symphonic medium

18" Paiste Traditional Prototype flatride

18" Paiste Traditional thin crash

18" SDHC crash

18" A. Zildjian concert band

19" Wuhan china cymbal

20" Paiste Formula 602 medium flatride
(blue label)

20" Paiste Formula 602 medium ride
(blue label)

20" Paiste Formula 602 paperthin

(blue label)

20" Paiste Formula 602 thin crash
(blue label)

20" Paiste Giant Beat

20" Paiste Giant Beat thin

20" Paiste Signature dry crisp ride

20" Paiste Sound Creation medium dark ride

20" Paiste Sound Creation mellow ride

20" Paiste (Dark Energy) Prototype ride

20" Paiste (Twenty) Prototype ride

20" Paiste (Signature) Prototype china cymbal

20" vintage K. Zildjian
(w/ 1 rivet,
sixties, Turkish)

21.5" vintage Kent Super

22" Paiste 2002 ride

22" Paiste (Twenty) Prototype ride

22" Hammerax Liquicy

24" Paiste Giant Beat

Several broken cymbals of various sizes



Alesis SR-16 drum machine

Deagan vintage rosewood xylorimba

Deagan vintage glockenspiel

Handmade 11" conga from Trinidad

Handmade 12" djembe from Senegal

Handmade Udu from Renaissance Festival Artisan

LP Giovanni Hidalgo Compact Conga

LP Matador chrome timbalitos
10" and 12"

28" Paiste Symphonic Gong

Remo 12" Paulo Mattioli Signature Earth Djembe

Toca Custom Congas
in cherry finish 10" quinta, 11" conga, 12.5" tumba

West Cliff Percussion 10" ashiko

Wuhan 22" wind gong

Several Chinese opera gongs

Various bells, blocks, whistles, chimes, shakers, rattles, etc.



Brownsville Choirboy 12 twelve-string electric guitar
in metallic mint green finish
w/ Buzz Feiten intonation setup

Danelectro 1956 reissue U2 "Classic" baritone guitar
in nifty aqua finish (1998)
w/intonatable bridge

Fender Precision four-string electric bass guitar
in natural finish (1977)
w/Hipshot D-tuner

Fender Telecaster '62 Custom Re-issue six-string electric guitar
in candy apple red finish (1986)

Gibson Epiphone Les Paul '56 Goldtop Re-issue six-string electric guitar
in Metallic Gold finish w/P-90 pickups

Ibanez AS50 six-string electric guitar

in dark red finish (1980)

Rickenbacker 360 six-string electric guitar

in turquoise azureglo finish (1992)

Rickenbacker 4001 four-string electric bass guitar
in jetglow finish (1977)

Steinberger Spirit six-string electric guitar/boat paddle

black--what else? (headless)

Yamaha FG-75 parlor acoustic guitar
(red label, MIJ, early 1970s)

Yamaha FG-110 concert acoustic guitar
(red label, MIJ, early 1970s)


Ampeg SVT

Airline 62-9012A tube amplifier

Alamo Jet tube amplifier

Ampeg B-15N flip top tube amplifier

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe tube amplifier
(American made w/Eminence Patriot C-Rex speaker)

Fender Pro Jr. Tweed tube amplifier

Fender Squier 15 amplifier

Leslie 122 tube amplifier/ speaker cabinet (with Trek II UC-1A combo preamp)

Marshall JMP Super Lead Mk. 2 50-watt tube amplifier

Marshall 1982B 4x12 closed-back stereo speaker cabinet
w/original Celestion speakers (1978)

Marshall 1965B 4x10 closed-back speaker cabinet
8 ohm w/Celestion G10L-35 speakers

Old House Custom Tweed Fender Deluxe clone

Orange AD-30 HTC tube amplifier

Orange Power Projection Cabinet 4x12 closed-back speaker cabinet
16 ohm w/Celestion Vintage 30 speakers

Randall RG-15 amplifier

Roland JC-77 Jazz Chorus amplifier

Smokey amplifier
(clear blue)

THD Hot Plate

Traynor TS-50B amplifier

Vox AC30 tube amplifier

Vox Pacemaker vintage amplifier



Ace-Tone TOP-6 combo organ

Bleep Labs Thingamagoop robot synth

Bliptronic 5000 synth

Casio CZ-1000 synth

Digitone "My First"

Hammond C-3 organ
(1963) w/Leslie 122 speaker and Trek II UC-1A combo preamp pedal

Hohner 32O Melodica
in ocean blue finish

Hohner Model C Clavinet

Roland XP-30 synthesizer
w/ Session, Techno, Orchestral, and Vintage Keys expansion cards

Wurlitzer Model 200A electric piano
(army green)



Arion SCH-Z Stereo Chorus

Boss CE-3 Chorus

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive

Boss OC-2 Octave

Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner

Boss TR-2 Tremolo

Chuck Collins Interfax Harmonic Percolator

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Danelectro Sitar Swami

Digitech PDS-1002 digital delay

DOD FX-17 Volume/Wah

DOD FX-25 Envelope Filter

DOD FX-55B Super Distortion

DOD FX-69B Grunge

Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer

Korg PME 40X effects system
w/KDI-101 Analog Distortion, KAD-301 Analog Delay,
KCH-301 Analog Chorus, KCO-101 Compressor, and KAF-301 Analog Flanger (eighties)

Mr.Fazedelic dual-stage phaser

MXR DynaComp limiter

Old House Custom Klon Centaur distortion clone

Old House Custom Regulus R-VIII fuzz clone

Paul Cochrane Timmy line boost

Peterson Strobo-Stomp strobe tuner

TC Electronic PolyTune chromatic polyphonic tuner

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

Tokai TDL-1 analog delay

Tokai TDS-1 distortion

Tonefactor Hellbilly fuzz

Trek II UC-1A combo preamp (for Leslie 122 speaker cabinet)

Tube Works Tube Driver distortion