"As engineers, we can fuck things up more easily than we can improve them.
I believe we should spend our energy trying to improve our not-fucking-up skills rather than coming up with wacky new ways to influence the sound of the records."

- Steve Albini


Chris Garges at Abbey Road Studios

Studios I Like:

Abbey Road Studios, Westminster, UK

Airtime Studio, Bloomington, IN

Ardent, Memphis, TN

Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL

Epiphonic Studios, Lenoir, NC

Fidelitorium, Kernersville, NC

Inner Ear, Arlington, VA

Kudzu Ranch Recorders, Mebane, NC

Old House Studio, Charlotte, NC

Oxide Lounge, Bloomington, IL

Q Division, Somerville, MA

Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA

Welcome To 1979, Nashville, TN

Wellspring Sound, Acton, MA


With Whom I Like To Work:

Daniel Coston, professional photographer, Charlotte, NC

Scott Craggs, mastering engineer, Boston, MA

Jill Goulet, professional photographer, Charlotte, NC

Dave Harris, mastering engineer, Charlotte, NC

Hot Sake, commercial music & film scoring, Charlotte, NC

Robert Preston, tech, Charlotte, NC

Dave Raphael, professional photographer, New York, NY

Joe Zook, freelance engineer, Los Angeles, CA


What To Buy:

Aurelio's Pizza, Chicago, IL- Mmmm

AwTAC - When you call two and a half years of development on a product "Awesome Channel Amplifier", it had better be just that. It is.

Chucks - Need I say more?

Famous Original Ray's Pizza, NY, NY- Mmmm

iZ Corp. - Recording the world.

Noble & Cooley - The world's best drums.

Paiste Cymbals, Sounds, Gongs - I like 'em!

The Playroom - Make a loud sound with your band.

Rickenbacker Guitars - If it's good enough for George Shearing...

Rupert Neve Designs - Incredible audio lineage with an eye on the future.


If You Don't Trust Me:

Harmony Central User Reviews

Studio Auditions

TapeOp Message Board


Where To Buy:

Aurelio's Pizza, Chicago, IL- Shipping information

Ebay, the Netherworld

Fork's Drum Closet, Nashville, TN

Front End Audio, Columbia, SC

Memphis Drum Shop, Memphis, TN, Memphis, TN

Studio Tech Supply, Burnet, TX

ZenPro Audio, Columbia, SC


Other Educational Materials:

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Old stuff rocks, Pt. II - Sad, but true

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Charlotte Jazz Society


The Evening Muse

Jazz Composers Forum

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Tosco Music Parties


Internet Services:

Community Musician Music Classifieds and CD Duplication

Musicians Contact


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